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    I dont know what to blog to i will write about stuff.... i got to the market today and some guy kept on yelling at me to buy his dead rotting fish so i yelled back at him to shut up in english and since he only knew chinese like 99% of eveyone, (where i live) he ran away, which left me standing there looking like an ***hole while everyone stares at me and thinks that im a crazy white boy. but im use to that by now cause ive been living in china for about 2 years and most people here are asian and have never seen a white family. So thy usually stare at me and want a picture, i kinda like it but it gets annoyign sometimes cause its picuture then picure and hug and then they yell at me to buy there stuff so i tell them "我不喜欢你“ which is i dont…

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    Create a new page and call it Template: What Ever You Want Your Userbox To Be Called. If not already, switch it into source mode then copy and paste this code on to the page -

    Replace the NAMEOFCOLOR with any color you want. For the border though, you must keep the SOLID before it and then place the color. For example, solid blue, solid red, solid grey.

    Where it says NAMEOFFILE, place the name of the file. (For example, believemebrother.png)

    Where is says SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY, you put your own personalized text.

    Where you see numbers followed by px you can change the numbers to your own personalized setting. (For example, I can change the border width from 3px to 8px. I can change the size of the file from 70px to 140px)

    Click publish once you are …

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    A signature on the Wikia is a thing to link to your user page, user talk, user blog, your contributions, etc. You can link them after your blogs (this is optional).

    Know what your signature is going to look like.

    When you know what your signature's going to look like, make a subpage. A subpage is a branch of your user page. For example:If you want a subpage about you, you name it "User:Gleek62442/About Me." But for now, let's name it "User:Gleek62442/Sig." Then click publish.

    Click edit and customize your signature. To customize your signature, follow this tutorial:

    If you want to change the font color of your signature, type this code: This text is red. If done correctly, it will turn out like this: This text is red.

    You can also use custom color…

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