Spyro 002





Fighting style(s)

Horns, Fire, Lightning, Ice, Poison

Voiced by

Carlos Alazraqui (1998) Tom Kenny (1999-2002) Jess Harnell (2004-2005)



Spyro's main attacks consisted of charging his opponents with his horns and breathing fire at them. Because he was young, Spyro can't fly very well and can't breathe a continuous stream of fire; instead, he just spits arrow-shaped fire bursts and glides from place to place. As Spyro gets a little older, he learns how to use his wings as a shield, swim underwater, double jump, head dive, and breathe a stream of fire. In Ripto's Rage, and Year of the Dragon, there are powerup gates that temporarily give Spyro the ability to be invincible, fly, spit massive fire blasts (superflame), and charge extremely fast supercharge. In Enter the Dragonfly, Spyro gets ice, electric, and bubble breaths. In A Hero's Tail, Spyro gets ice, electric, and water breaths. He also gains the ability to cast various magic spells and the art of Dragon Kata in Shadow Legacy.

Spyro is known for being couragous and headstrong, and is also eager and arrogant. He has a immutable sense of heroism, friendliness, and has a fiery personality. He has little concern for his own safety and shown to be irresponsible at times, being extremely curious and hardly ever cautious, which could get him into trouble. Spyro gets into lots of mischief and is known to be cocky, a trait that can lead to his downfall. He has become much more arrogant after the events of Spyro: Year of the Dragon, and in more recent outings, has actually denied help to those who did not expressly indicate that they would award him.


  • Supercharge
  • Swimming
  • Time Crystal
  • Wall Kick
  • Wing Shield
  • Fire
  • Flight
  • Glide
  • Headbash
  • Ice
  • Pole Spin
  • Powerups
  • Charge
  • Climbing
  • Dragon Breaths
  • Dragon Kata
  • Dragon Time
  • Electricity
  • Elemental Furies

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